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The Glasgow National Park City is looking for it’s first official supporters - organisations or individuals who will commit to the Glasgow National Park City aim.

What is a supporter?All we are asking supporters to do is get behind the overall aim. The only commitment we ask at this stage is that you are happy to be listed as a supporter so we can start to show support for the idea and work together with like-minded people to make it happen.

Remember - our Aim is simple.To improve people’s quality of life and the environment through the creation of Glasgow National Park City:

To coordinate and promote action to establish a Glasgow National Park City

To connect, amplify and support the work of any individuals and groups who help to achieve this aim

To work with other organisations to secure their long term commitment to establishing a Glasgow National Park City

You can find out more about what this means and how we plan to do it here. We’d love to hear from all kinds of individuals and organisations - schools and community groups, businesses, and charities. If you feel your organisation can get behind Glasgow National Park City, we’d love to hear from you.

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