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Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors support the vision of The Glasgow National Park City and work to promote our work.

If you'd like to join them - just get in touch .

We're proud to have such an inspirational set of ambassadors helping us deliver a Greener, Healthier, Wilder Glasgow. So let's meet them...

Lee Craigie

...Active Nation Commissioner for Scotland, former professional mountain bike rider and co-founder of the Adventure Syndicate...


The Vision of a Glasgow National Park City and the Cycling World Championships in 23 are a unique opportunity for Glasgow to build back better, make space for people and put our health needs first.  

Emily Cutts

...Founding member of The Children's Wood.  The Children's Wood protects and facilitates events in The Children's Wood and North Kelvin Meadow...

IMG_8043 2 - Emily Cutts.jpg

"There are hundreds of unused small squares across Glasgow and with appropriate support from this bold aim, Glasgow can nurture its green spaces and support the kind of actions that will help our green city to flourish."

Kit England

...Green Economy Manager for Glasgow City Council, where he leads on the development of the Green New Deal for Glasgow...


"The concept of the National Park City is wonderfully simple and engaging. It is a really inclusive approach which allows everyone to get engaged in its development and feel that sense of collective ownership – something we can all be proud of"

Cornell Hanxomphou

...Cornell has a passion for the outdoors and all things natural. He currently works as the Rights Officer at the Environmental Rights Centre for Scotland, promoting environmental rights and environmental justice...

20210317_174811 (2).jpg

"A National Park City will allow for better pathways for underprivileged communities to feel the ownership and protection of nature while receiving the mental health benefits."

Mike Robinson

...Chief Executive of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and with a range of board/advisory roles, mostly for environment and human rights bodies...

DSC_0330 - Royal Scottish Geographical S

"This project is a great way for Glasgow’s communities to come together to make improvements to their local areas, and re-affirm their environmental pride in the run up to COP26."

Fi Sinclair

Lifelong One World advocate with experience in the Arts, community enterprise and mental health recovery.

AMBASSADOR 2 - Fiona Sinclair.jpg

It is a source of personal inspiration that there are those in this "dear, green" city, who seek to help us rediscover the proximity of the green spaces around us and the importance of our role in caring for them. “Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” ― Rachel Carson, The Sense of Wonder

Darren Wilson

Founder of Kabloom, rewilding dull urban areas with a blast of life and colour!... 

Darren Wilson1 - Darren Wilson.jpg

"Glasgow is perfectly suited to be considered a National Park City with its diverse cultural heritage and abundance of greenspaces. Glasgow is already well on its way to becoming a Green and Circular Economy leader. This the Dear Green Place and if anyone can do it Glasgow can!"

Prof James Curran

...Chair of Climate Ready Clyde and visiting professor at the Centre for Sustainable Development at the University of Strathclyde... 

JCC informal mug 6 - James Curran.PNG

"Our economy, health and wellbeing are being threatened by the inter-connected climate and nature emergencies. We all must be part of the solution, and urgently so. The Glasgow National Park City has ambitions which will make our all our lives so much better in the future.

Dr Ria Dunkley

...Lecturer in Geography, Sustainability and Environment at the University of Glasgow within the School of Education - sustainability transitions related to ecopedagogy and community-led environmental action in the context of a climate emergency...

IMG_6120 - Ria Dunkley.JPG

"Glasgow as a National Park City is a brilliant framework which enables us to reimagine the city!"

Janey Godley

...Award winning comedian, she has been called “the Godmother of Scottish comedy” (The Scotsman) and“the most outspoken female stand-up in Britain” (Daily Telegraph).


"Glasgow means ‘Dear Green Place’ . It has more parks per head than any other city in Europe and a history of the Victorian’s building green spaces for the working people. These must be protected and applauded for everyone’s mental health. Especially mine."

Emma Porter

...environmental activist in the North of Glasgow since the age of 13, Emma was the first recipient of the Glasgow Parks young person award and created and founded Springburn Youth Forum...


"Our parks and greenspaces are the most beautiful places in Glasgow, They allow people to come together, socialize and connect like no other place."

Gino Satti

...born & bred Glaswegian who considers himself fortunate to live in this Dear Green Place. Community activist and supporter of organisations from Housing Associations to Local Nature Reserves....

9F9E3611-8343-4B05-B10B-D3EBACA9E458 - G

"I fully welcome and support the development of Glasgow as a National Park City. Bringing together the city’s green and blue open spaces under the one umbrella could help our communities become greener and healthier"

Emma Taylor

Mum of two pre-schoolers, a recent sustainable development graduate and a self-confessed nature nerd... 

6C439304-C6FB-4A04-B384-04C51123C8A9 - E

"To know that we are all working together to help protect our peoples & parks, our blue places & green spaces is inspiring!"

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