What we do

Our Aim

To improve people’s quality of life and the environment through the creation of Glasgow National Park City:

  • To coordinate and promote action to establish a Glasgow National Park City

  • To connect, amplify and support the work of any individuals and groups who help to achieve this aim

  • To work with other organisations to secure their long term commitment to establishing a Glasgow National Park City

Our Projects

We work with supporters and partners and develop our own projects which:

  • Engage people with our vision
    for a National Park City


  • Help to realise a Greener,
    Healthier, Wilder Glasgow


We’re a group of individuals who are interested in creating a Glasgow National Park City.  The group has no political affiliations and is not aligned with any other organisations​.

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©2019 by Glasgow National Park City.  With thanks to Alistair Woodburn @Naburn2 and Kat Martin for the  brilliant photos.