About Us - and National Park Cities

What is a National Park City?

In July 2019 London became the world's first National Park City.  Along with London and other cities around the world including Adelaide and Galway, we have developed and signed up to the Universal Charter for National Park Cities which defines the overall vision as:


We aim to deliver this vision by applying the benefits of traditional National Parks to Glasgow:

  • Encourage residents and visitors to better enjoy, understand and care for the City

  • Protect and enhance our urban natural and cultural heritage

  • Foster the wellbeing of our communities

  • Inspire individuals, groups and organisations to share and act towards these aims

Glasgow National Park City Group will:

  • Coordinate and promote positive action to build support for the idea of a National Park City among the people of Glasgow.

  • Establish a strong online presence to act as the hub for the campaign.

  • Stage and support events across Glasgow to take our message to different communities.

  • Raise and manage funds to support the project.

  • Gather supporters - organisations and individuals.

  • Promote the work of those supporters and encourage and facilitate connections between them.

  • Work with partners to develop and encourage new National Park City demonstration projects.


We’re a group of individuals who are interested in creating a Glasgow National Park City.  The group has no political affiliations and is not aligned with any other organisations​.

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©2019 by Glasgow National Park City.  With thanks to Alistair Woodburn @Naburn2 and Kat Martin for the  brilliant photos.