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Welcome to the Gallery

This fantastic online photo gallery was produced during the lockdown.


We connected with photographers across Glasgow and they provided photos inspired by a simple question: "What if Glasgow was a National Park City".


We think the result is a fantastic celebration of how lucky we are in Glasgow and an inspiring vision for a Greener, Healthier, Wilder City to come.

So dive in, wander through the gallery and enjoy...

Virtual Exhibition Header.JPG

Crowd Funder

National Park City - LIVE

We're taking the lockdown gallery live - into the real world.  Starting at COP26 we are taking the gallery out into the real world - putting it on at a series of parks and green spaces across Glasgow through 2021/22.

With your support we can take photographers' work across the city - and inspire a shared vision for a Greener, Healthier, Wilder Glasgow.


As an individual or a corporate sponsor - please support our crowd funder


Our first site was live during COP26
- find out what's next for the tour...

"Here at Kabloom we are focused on urban rewilding interventions and empowering people to engage and reconnect with nature.


We believe Glasgow is perfectly
suited to be considered a National Park City.

Glasgow is already well on its way to becoming a
Green and Circular Economy leader.

This the Dear Green Place and if anyone can do it Glasgow can!”


Kabloom are supporters of the 
Glasgow National Park City vision.

We thank them for their sponsorship which made this gallery possible.

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