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Photo Gallery - on tour

Our gallery was built during lockdown with images from professional and amateur photographers from Glasgow – reflecting the theme “What if Glasgow was a National Park City”:

We held the live launch during COP26 on Sunday 7th Nov at Blue Green Glasgow's Govan Wetlands.

The weather was kind and a great afternoon saw the launch of the gallery, plenty of planting volunteers at the wetland, live music and even some dancing!

We are now working to grow the gallery and take it on tour to a range of Glasgow greenspaces and community sites. If you are interested in hosting the gallery and using it to promote your projects and help engage people in the National Park City idea - then please get in touch.

We've also launched a crowd funder campaign to allow us to expand the gallery and take it to more sites - if you can help us reach our target by making a donation or becoming a sponsor - please check out the crowd funder here.

You can find out all about the gallery and view the gallery online here.

We are enormously grateful to Blue Green Glasgow for hosting the launch and putting on a fantastic event and to Kabloom who provided the initial sponsorship to get the photo exhibition off the ground. Kabloom are designers of the Seedbom - designed to reconnected people with nature, get people outside and create nature and colour in their cities for the benefit of everyone. Kabloom are also Circular Glasgow ambassadors in association with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and long standing supporters of the Glasgow National Park City.

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