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AGM and update meeting

We have two important updates and an invite to join us for a key meeting on the next steps for the Glasgow National Park City at 8pm on Monday 11th March.


Update 1:

  • We now have the full content of our application for National Park City Status completed.

  • We have received very positive feedback from the National Park City Foundation about the city, the network and Glasgow's suitability 

  • However we feel we should not submit for final assessment until we can secure some dedicated resources to increase the engagement and support we can deliver leading up to National Park City designation

  • We want your opinions and ideas on this - so please come along on the meeting on 11th March to hear all the details and discuss!

Update 2:

  • We need more volunteers and a new convener

  • After a great 8 years convening the Glasgow National Park City the time has come for me to step down as convener - so we're looking for some new volunteers including a convener to lead the next step to secure resources and deliver NPC status for Glasgow

  • If you are interested or know the perfect person please let us know 


  • All this means we are at an exciting but pivotal stage in the National Park City Journey - please come along for a short online meeting and AGM to hear where we are, and agree next steps

  • 8pm, Monday 11th March - Put it in your diary NOW

  • On the day - join the teams meeting via this link: 

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