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It's a hugely exciting time for the Glasgow National Park City and the committee of volunteers who have led and coordinated reaching nominated National Park City status. Over the coming months we hope to finalise and submit our 'Journey Book of evidence' which we hope will see Glasgow recognised as one of the next full National Park Cities.

Also over that next few months we want to expand and refresh the committee. Some of us will be moving on and we want to bring in new capacity and energy for the next phase of delivering our National Park City.

Joining the committee means a meeting once a month or so, helping to use our social media to promote all the great things happening in the City and, once a year, helping with our annual event and update on the State of the National Park City. There's also loads of scope to develop new ideas, set up projects and collaborate with the great supporter organisations who make our National Park City Greener, Healthier and Wilder.

On 20th November at 7pm we're having an informal catch up online - so if you'd like to join to hear more about where the National Park City is up to now, and how you could get involved, please get in touch, or sign up via eventbrite.

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