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We're a Nominated National Park City!

5 new cities nominated to become National Park Cities on UN World Cities Day;

Breda, Chattanooga, Rotterdam, Southampton... AND GLASGOW.

We're so delighted to be able to share the news that today, on UN World Cities Day, The National Park City Foundation, in conjunction with Salzburg Global Seminar and World Urban Parks have announced that five more cities have been successfully nominated to become National Park Cities, aiming to join London and Adelaide as established National Park Cities.

The National Park City Foundation recognise the combined efforts of grassroots, civil society, and city government teams in each of Breda, Chattanooga, Glasgow, Rotterdam, and Southampton. Each campaign team has demonstrated that they have an active movement with at least 200 supporting partners, and have shown their commitment to work towards submitting their applications to be recognised as National Park Cities.

Mark Cridge, Executive Director of the National Park City Foundation said; “Having followed the development of each city’s campaign over at least the past 18 months the National Park City Foundation is confident that each campaign has demonstrated the passion, motivation, and ability to successfully become a National Park City over the next 18 to 24 months.”

If you'd like to help us in the next steps of achieving National Park City status for Glasgow, we need your help in three key ways:

  1. If you haven't already - please sign our charter. This takes 2 minutes and gives us the key evidence of support we need to progress

  2. Share your ideas and opinions in our short online questionnaire: A key part of the application is sharing the opinions of supporters, organisations and individuals about how green, healthy and wild the city is, and our aspirations for the future

  3. Get more involved - if you'd like to be part of the National Park City group, or any of the sessions to feed in to the application process, please get in touch

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