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5 Reasons Glasgow Should be a National Park City

A huge thanks to all who came and those who spoke at our event last week; "5 Reasons Glasgow Should be a National Park City." I hope that you will agree that it was a really exciting, inspiring and enjoyable evening.

For those who weren't able to make it - or would like to watch again - the whole event is now available to watch online.

With help from a wide range of speakers we talked about:

Reason 1: For our young people:

With presentations about the wonderful Children's Wood and the brilliant new The Lost Woods project which is creating a new woodland with the primary schools of Glasgow.

Reason 2: For it’s great greenspaces

In which Becky Duncan from Open Aye gave a presentation about how Glasgow's greenspaces were providing inspiration for discussions over sustainable development goals and the power of participatory photography. (Remember Becky is on of the great Glasgow photographers in our National Park City photo gallery.)


Reason 3: For it’s big ideas

Zooming out to the city region and the strategic scale Max Hislop introduced people to the Clyde Climate Forest as an example of large scale, big ambition for Glasgow and the need for communities, charities and organisations to work together to deliver these big ambitions for community, biodiversity and climate.

Reason 4: For it’s people and communities

Karlene Doherty spoke about the potential of Vacant and Derelict land and how communities across the city are transforming these spaces into green, community sites. She was followed by National Park City Ambassador Emma Taylor who had produced a fantastic new video telling the story of what greenspaces mean to the Castlemilk community and the work people are doing to protect and enhance their parks

Reason 5: Because now is the time

Last but by no means least Graham Hogg from After the Pandemic demonstrated the huge opportunity for Glasgow signified by COP26 and the exciting new site under the Kingston bridge which will be transformed over COP into a community exhibition and events space reflecting a community response to this international opportunity.

It was a really great evening - we hope you enjoy the recording and that it inspires you to get in touch and work with us, these fantastic supporters and many others to achieve a Greener, Healthier, Wilder Glasgow.

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