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Fantastic Supporters Event

Supporters workshop – Weds 5th Feb 2020

Haldane Cinema Room, Glasgow School or Art, 5.30-7.30pm

Glasgow National Park City (GNPC) Group wants Glasgow to be a frontrunner in the growing international National Park City (NPC) movement.

The recent event at the School of Art was the first of a series of events to bring GNPC supporters together to share ideas on how becoming a National Park City could benefit citizens and the city, and to help shape the aims and actions of the GNPC Group.

Lively discussions were held around several key questions – with plenty of good ideas and actions emerging.

What are the unique challenges / priorities that a Glasgow NPC should address?

Lots of discussion focussed on creating a more accessible green network across the city – connecting our green spaces and creating more signposted car-free routes. Health and wellbeing was another priority – including the role of accessible outdoor activities in tackling loneliness and isolation. All groups agreed that making parks and greenspaces more welcoming and accessible to all was critical to GNPC being something that brings benefits to all Glaswegians.

‘What if’ Glasgow was an NPC?

Focussing on ‘what if….?’ was a way to draw out ideas on what a GNPC could look and feel like, and what people and communities would be doing. Suggestions ranged from the ambitious – ‘what if the M8 was transformed into a linear park’ – to the creative – ‘what if parks had places for rain play or unique shelters to encourage people outdoors in wet weather’. Other ideas focussed on re-connecting people with nature – ‘what if more kids played outdoors… and adults have remembered how to play outdoors’.

Ideas around what is happening / what are people doing also picked up on the need to re-connect people and nature – ‘what if there were national park city rangers and youth rangers in our parks’ and ‘what if there was a ‘nature library’ in every community’. Other suggestions focussed on Glasgow as a world leader – ‘what if Glasgow is leading the way on addressing climate emergency’, or on changing people’s attitudes to their city – ‘what if people are so proud of their city that they don’t drop litter’.

One idea that generated a lot of interest was ‘what if there were regular “Fresh Air Fridays” for all’. This could start in schools and nurseries, and then expand to include health services, offices and other institutions.

What can GNPC Group do for you? What can you do for GNPC Group?

The key role identified for GNPC Group what is to act us a hub for information sharing. This included information about events, action, and opportunities to get involved. This could help counter eco-anxiety by highlighting the range of positive steps that people can take. A ‘greenspace map’ of the city distributed through schools and GP surgeries was also suggested.

Actions for supporters also included information sharing – supported by information produced by GNPC group – to help get the GNPC message out to a wider audience. Supporters also offered to host future GNPC events, or to develop new projects in partnership with GNPC Group.

Next steps

GNPC will organise more supporter events in 2020 to help grow our network and gather ideas from as wide a range of organisations as possible. We are also gathering information about all of the activities across the city that support GNPC aims. We have produced a short newsletter article to be shared by supporters, and a GNPC poster for supporters to display in premises and on social media. GNPC Group will also attend events around the city to share information and build grassroots support for Glasgow becoming a National Park City.

Many thanks to everyone who came along - please do get in touch with any ideas - we're looking forward to working with you all to progress some of the fantastic ideas discussed.

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