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Inspiring Night as Photo Exhibition Launched

On Thrs 28th Jan we were proud to hold the launch event for our new Glasgow National Park City online gallery and were blown away by the turnout with over fifty people joining the virtual event.

We are therefore delighted to now make it available to everyone. Just click on the link to take a stroll in the gallery and drop us a tweet to tell everyone you've been and what you thought @GlasgowNPC.

We are so grateful to the fantastic photographers who as well as being great photographers, spoke with passion, inspiration and vision as wonderful ambassadors for Glasgow's potential as a National Park City.

This is just the beginning of this great project. We'd love to hear your ideas for new rooms in the gallery and for ways to use it inspire more people to get out and explore our virtual and our actual National Park City! To take and share photos and celebrate our fantastic places and spaces.

If you have an idea of how you'd like to use the gallery or work with us to develop it further, please get in touch.

If you'd like to see the full launch event, we have a recording of the full event including inspiring stories from many of the photographers here.

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