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Match the Miles - River Clyde Source to Sea

Lee Craigie is Active Nation Commissioner for Scotland, former professional mountain bike rider, co-founder of the Adventure Syndicate and of course, most importantly - one of our Glasgow National Park City Ambassadors!

In the run up to COP26 how about a match the miles challenge with Lee and the Adventure Syndicate...

The Adventure Syndicate uses the inspiring stories of women and underrepresented groups adventuring by bike (and other means!) to encourage everyone to enjoy the outdoors and embrace adventure. By being open and honest about limitations, vulnerabilities and failures, these shared stories promote equity, sustainability and health through adventure.

Each year, the Adventure Syndicate offers an invitation to join their Match the Miles challenge. It involves getting out and active every day for a week while electronically following directors Lee Craigie and Jenny Graham as they ride every day and night for five days.

The last of this year's journeys is our very own River Clyde - source to sea, arriving to coincide with COP26 in Glasgow.

Source to Sea offers real-time inspiration and motivation to remain everyday active, protect our natural environment and take pleasure from the simplicity of adventuring from your doorstep.

Any school/youth/community group of up to 25 is welcome to take part in challenges that will run from 8th to 12th November on the River Clyde. Just add up collective distances spent walking, cycling, scooting or wheeling to and from school and upload them via the free Match the Miles app.

● Register via The Adventure Syndicate website or download the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

● Enter the collective distance travelled by your class/group

● Watch as your dot moves along a map of the River Clyde along with all the other groups and The Adventure Syndicate!

Groups travelling the furthest collective distance during challenge week will earn a unique prize.

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