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New Branding and Supporter Organisations

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Today we’re proud to launch our new branding and alongside it announce the first wave of organisations who’ve signed up as supporters of our National Park City vision for Glasgow.

Huge thanks to digital design experts Mucky Puddle - who’ve joined as one of our first supporters and have delivered that support by the bucket load by offering their time and expertise to design our great new branding and logo.

The full list of supporters already signed up are:

  • Bike for Good


  • Fans of Barrowlands Park

  • Friends of Glasgow's LNRs

  • Friends of the River Kelvin

  • Glasgow School of Art

  • Greenspace Scotland

  • Lochend Surgery

  • Mucky Puddle

  • Operation Play Outdoors

  • South Seeds

  • The Conservation Volunteers

  • The Nature Library

  • The Orchard Project

  • Urban Roots

  • 10000 Raingardens for Scotland

It’s great to see a range of large organisations and charities, communities groups and even a medical practice all signed up a recognising the potential for a greener, wilder, healthier Glasgow. We look forward to working with them to develop ideas to projects to realise this vision.

If you’d like to join this list of supporters - please get in touch.

You can see all the supporters, links to their websites and quotes explaining why they are supporting the National Park City on our new supporters page.

Here’s a few to give you a taster: “We think Glasgow should become a National Park City as it has an amazing range of greenspace available and the campaign will help strengthen the long term future of public greenspace, as well as developing an already passionate community of individuals, groups and organisations that are keen like us to get more people outdoors.” Craig Thomson - Operation Play Outdoors

"We work everyday to Connect People and Greenspaces and deliver lasting outcomes for both - so we share the vision of Glasgow National Park City where Glasgow is a leading example of how cities can be great for nature, and great for the people and communities who live there." Debbie Adams - The Conservation Volunteers

“"Lochend Surgery supports the Glasgow National Park City because we believe that everyone in the City should be able to enjoy the benefits of access to good quality greenspace, clean air and healthy, local food.” Emma Shephard - Lochend Surgery

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