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Our Vision - Why Glasgow should be a National Park City

We're excited that Glasgow is on the road to becoming a National Park City.

Two years ago we launched our draft vision - and following feedback from partners and supporters we're delighted today to launch that finalised vision - Let's Make Glasgow a National Park City.

We hope you share our vision - if so, please sign the charter and show your support.

But what exactly is a National Park City - and why should we become one?

  • A National Park City is very different from a traditional National Park which is a formal designation with statutory powers and involves the funding and resourcing of a National Park Authority

  • National Park Cities are a movement and network with a shared vision for greener, healthier, wilder cities

In Glasgow, our National Park City is a community movement led by volunteers. We would never claim that designation as a National Park City alone will deliver all the things we need for a Greener, Healthier, Wilder City - but we do believe passionately in the power of people in Glasgow - as the slogan goes; People make Glasgow... They can also make Glasgow A National Park City.

We believe becoming a National Park City will help deliver two crucial elements in becoming a greener, healthier, wilder city:

1: Change perceptions and inspire people

It will help people see the city differently by recognising the key role that nature, green spaces, heritage, adventure and play can have in cities just as much as in traditional rural National Parks.

We believe seeing the city differently is key to encouraging people to get out and explore cities more and to collectively see that a positive, greener, healthier, future is possible.

2: Celebrate and empower We believe there is a fantastic network of individuals, organisations and communities who are contributing to this greener, healthier, wilder vision. National Park City designation would provide recognition for their work, and the opportunity for greater collective voice and resources for these organisations in the future.

We hope you share this vision - if so please sign the charter, and get in touch if you'd like to get involved.

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