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Save the date - SAT 2nd SEPT

I am pleased to say we have confirmed a venue and date for our major Glasgow National Park City event of the year:

  • Saturday 2nd September: 12 until 5pm

  • The Hidden Gardens: 25A Albert Dr, Glasgow G41 2PE

We want to make this our biggest National Park City event ever: to celebrate the community groups, organisations and National Park City supporters who work together to make Glasgow a Greener, Healthier, Wilder place for everyone.

It will also be our last event before we submit our application to achieve recognition for Glasgow as a National Park City - so we need everyone's input, ideas and support.


  1. Please put the date firmly in your diaries NOW.

  2. If you can help to run an activity, promote the event or help in the coordination and organisation - please do get in touch.

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