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The Clyde Climate Forest

Clyde Climate Forest to provide “green lungs” for region

The Glasgow National Park City is all about making connections and amplifying some of the fantastic projects and aspirations which we believe will make Glasgow an amazing National Park City. Therefore we are proud to offer our support for the Clyde Climate Forest as it launches on 1st June this year.

This ambitious and exciting project is part of the Glasgow & Clyde Valley Green Network and will breathe new life across the whole Glasgow City Region planting ten trees for every person in Glasgow City Region as part of a new urban ‘forest’ that is to be created to tackle climate change.

Around 18 million more trees will be planted over the next decade, increasing woodland cover in the region from 17% to 20%.

The move is being viewed as an ideal opportunity for Glasgow City Region to demonstrate its commitment to reaching Net Zero, as it hosts COP26 in November.

The Clyde Climate Forest is being delivered as part of the Glasgow & Clyde Valley Green Network, with support from Green Action Trust, TCV, Glasgow City Region, Trees for Cities, Scottish Forestry and Woodland Trust Scotland.

The project secured a £400,000 grant from the Woodland Trust’s Emergency Tree Fund as well as £150,000 from Scottish Forestry over the next two years to recruit a project team and kick-start the development of new planting schemes. The project team will be based at TCV, who are already supporters of the Glasgow National Park City.

To succeed the project will work to engage communities and organisations across the city in identifying sites and get involved in community tree planting - so we look forward to sharing more news and playing our small part in encouraging the involvement of supporters of the National Park City and communities across the City.

To find out more you can read a full synopsis of the project here: or follow the Clyde Climate Forest on twitter.

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