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The Supporters just keep coming

A big warm welcome to Free Wheel North who've joined as our latest supporters. They are a cycling development charity working towards creating a fairer, healthier society by enabling people of all ages and abilities to cycle as part of their everyday life.

"Free Wheel North has many of the same aims as National Park City. We aim to create a healthier, happier Glasgow, where children can play freely on the street where they live and where adults can mingle in the space between buildings. Active travel is at the heart of our work and this means access and connectivity for everyone including those with mobility and mental health issues. We believe people have a human right to a safe environment in which the air is clean and bird song can be heard, where pedestrians, cyclists and wheel chair users can move freely in their communities without being diverted around obstacle courses that only serve the movement of motor vehicles. A National Park City would enable everyone to exercise those rights and have access to local space and to the natural world."

We're delighted to have them onboard - joining up with a growing list of supporting organisations across the city, working together to achieve a Greener, Wilder, Healthier Glasgow. If you'd like to work with us - check out all the other supporters and get in touch.

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