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We believe in a Future in which Glasgow is...

The idea of a National Park City is simple - to use the familiar idea of a National Park to inspire a shared vision for Glasgow, as a greener, healthier and wilder City where people, places and nature are better connected.

Of course, lots of people and organisations are already working on ideas and projects to improve and celebrate the nature, people and places of our City - from local authority policies to community action, and on issues ranging from greenspace management to improving air quality. The aim of the National Park City is to inspire a wider audience to feel part of this work and to take their own action to achieve this vision.

But what might this look like - what would it mean if Glasgow was a National Park City?

So we’re working on a vision for Glasgow as a National Park City. Let us know what you think - we want to develop it together - so get in touch and tell us what you think a National Park City could bring to Glasgow:

We believe in a future in which:

  • A place where everyone is engaged with nature and the outdoors.

  • A city where nature is thriving and spaces and places are connected.

  • A place where every child has the chance to learn and have fun in nature every day.

  • A city with clean, healthy air.

  • A city where people are proud of their natural and cultural heritage.

  • A place where everyone has access to green, healthy, sustainable travel.

  • A city nearing the top of health and wellbeing tables instead of the bottom.

  • A place where excellent design delivers buildings and spaces that respond to the needs of people and nature.

  • A place where everyone feels empowered and inspired to make their city healthier, greener and wilder city.

What have we missed - what would you like a National Park City to bring us - get in touch and let us know...

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