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We need... YOU

We are really excited over the next twelve months to engage many more people in the idea of a Greener, Healthier and Wilder Glasgow and to progress towards achieving Glasgow's designation as a National Park City.

To achieve this - in addition to our fantastic management group and ambassadors - we need a team of volunteers to help us build up and expand our work.

So we are recruiting now for volunteers who can help us carry out research, develop our plans, engage with people and set up events...

  • We are looking for a team who can commit a specific amount of time - the exact amount will depend on the role and it will be flexible - but ideally we are looking for people who could commit to at least a few regular hours a week - perhaps more over a short dedicated amount of time

  • We are looking for people from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of skills - but we're particularly keen to hear from people with experience in governance and organisation, events and social media, community and nature engagement and fundraising

  • We plan to create a number of working groups and some 'task and finish groups' which might suit people who can dedicate time to work on a short term project - maybe just for a few months.

There are a variety of tasks, and skills we need - so if you think you had some time to commit, and would like to make a meaningful contribution towards Glasgow becoming a National Park City - please get in touch Tell us a bit about yourself, and why and how you'd like to get involved.

We will develop the plans around people's availability but to give you an idea - our initial ideas are that we'd like to have:

Engagement and consultation group: This would probably be an ongoing subcommittee to run events, lead on social media and raise awareness and support for the NPC. It would offer flexible opportunities to be involved.

A Governance group: We want a short term task and finish group, for around three months to work out a structured but accessible format to structure the National Park City - which allows us to get input and involvement from members, supporters and the wider community whilst giving us a credible and robust governance structure. This might suit volunteers with a bit more time to volunteer to develop this over the next two or three months

Other possible groups would Funding and resourcing, Evidence: (starting to pull together key evidence for the application – the policies, maps, statistics etc which show why Glasgow should be a NPC), Monitoring: To develop ideas for a simple ongoing monitoring framework that we would use to produce an annual state of the NPC report) and Get involved: A team to help us develop more content, ideas and opportunities for people to get involved – advertising other community groups, supporting people to develop their own projects.

There is lots to do and it's an exciting time for the Glasgow National Park City so if you have some time to give and ideas, passion or skills to offer - we'd love to hear from you.

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