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We need your projects

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

The National Park City group has completed the first draft of our proposal for Glasgow to become a National Park City.

We are now in the process of putting together a framework - “Our Aims, Our Projects”. This lays out the detail of how we can start to work toward our vision and how, as a National Park City, Glasgow can become Greener, Healthier and Wilder.

We are looking for projects which support each of the follow ten vision statements

We believe in a Glasgow which is:

  • A place where everyone is engaged with nature and the outdoors.

  • A city where nature is thriving and spaces and places are connected.

  • A place where every child has the chance to learn and have fun in nature every day.

  • A city with clean, healthy air and water

  • A city that’s reducing its ecological and environmental impact.

  • A city where people are proud of their natural and cultural heritage.

  • A place where everyone has access to green, healthy, sustainable travel.

  • A city nearing the top of health and wellbeing tables instead of the bottom.

  • A place where excellent design delivers buildings and spaces that respond to the needs of people and nature.

  • A place where everyone feels empowered and inspired to make their city healthier, greener and wilder city.

We want your suggestions now…

In consultation with partners and supporters we have finalised this vision. We now want your suggestions for the projects which can deliver it. These could be city wide initiatives, or demonstration projects in one area.

If you have a project you would like to include and work with us to deliver we offer the support of the National Park City group:

  • We have 30 supporter organisations from across different sectors and across the city who we will engage with your project.

  • We have a strong and growing social media presence.

  • The group is supported by an experienced and passionate group of individuals committed to the vision of a Greener, Wilder, Healthier Glasgow.

We believe working in partnership we can amplify your projects, we can deliver wider, collaborative work across the city and help engage a new audience across Glasgow.

We will provide as much support as we can to promote, help coordinate, attract funding, create partnerships, engage communities and amplify the work of our supporters and the projects they put forward.

Selecting projects

There are so many fantastic things happening across Glasgow - we cannot include all projects in our framework now. We will chose projects which:

  • Align with our overall vision and move us closer to our aims

  • Are ambitious but realistic and achievable

  • Are within our capability and capacity to meaningfully support

  • Reflect the partnership approach of the National Park City – we want to include those big ideas which we can deliver by working together to maximise the great work we are all doing already individually

If you’ve got a great idea for a project, or would just like to find out more, please get in touch.

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