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We're ready - to be a National Park City

Back in 2019 London became the first National Park City.

During 2020 the National Park City Foundation launched a target to have 25 National Park Cities by 2025 and set up the Journey Book Process through which cities could apply to achieve National Park City status. Adelaide became the first city to successful complete that process and become a National Park City alongside London in 2021.

Since first starting our own National Park City journey very informally in 2014 we've spoken to hundreds of people and organisations to think through what a National Park City could mean for Glasgow.

By 2020 we had developed an overall proposal for a shared vision and charter for Glasgow and since then nearly fifty organisations from across the city have signed up as supporters of that shared vision ranging from community groups and charities through to Glasgow City Council:

‘Glasgow City Council is delighted to be part of and support the Glasgow National Park City Project. Our parks and open spaces are an invaluable asset to our city bringing health and wellbeing benefits to residents and visitors, allowing us all to get closer to nature and playing an integral part in enhancing biodiversity and our goal to be Net Zero by 2030 as part of the Climate Plan.’

Councillor Angus Millar, Convener for Climate, Glasgow Green Deal, Transport and City Centre Recovery.

Having reviewed the application process in discussion with the National Park City Foundation we are pleased to say we now believe we are ready to apply – to be formally recognised as part of the National Park City family – a city with great green credentials, a shared vision for a greener, healthier wilder Glasgow for everyone, and a fantastic network of organisations who together can deliver that vision.

"The National Park City Foundation is proud to support Glasgow's desire to become a National Park City, and we're committed to giving them all the practical help and assistance that we can as they proceed through their journey. National Park Cities are a transformational idea to help people think differently about what it means to live in urban areas, and Glasgow is an ideal place to celebrate people's connection with the outdoors, and to make the city even greener, healthier and wilder."

Mark Cridge, Executive Director, National Park City Foundation

Our approach and our application is about people - about a movement connecting and amplifying the fantastic work which happens and giving a voice to the community groups, charities and organisations in which the power, energy and ideas we need for a Greener, Healthier, Wilder Glasgow exist.

So if you are an existing supporter, or would like to become one. If you'd like to volunteer and be part of the application or if you'd just like to know more, we'd love to hear from you. We'll need your help, ideas and support to celebrate the fantastic things happening and to speak with a collective voice on what we need to deliver more together as a National Park City.

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