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Welcome our latest supporters

We're proud and delighted to welcome our three latest supporters. What great organisations to be working with and fantastic reasons they've given for joining up:

Venture Scotland: As a charity that regularly uses Glasgow’s green spaces, Venture Scotland encourage the disadvantaged young people we work with to connect with nature and ultimately reap the health and wellbeing benefits that spending time in green spaces provides. Creating Glasgow National Park City will provide a happy healthier city for its residents, its visitors and its nature that lives amongst us all.

Open Aye: Open Aye supports the mission to make Glasgow a National Park City.

We make photos and run participatory projects, for positive change. & We love Glasgow's Dear Green Places.

A century has gone by since Patrick Geddes instigated town planning with the natural environment at it's heart.

This "Work, Place, Folk" philosophy still makes sense, and in our climate emergency, is now needed more than ever.

Our Place has to be a green one. GNPC is a way to build it, strengthen it, sustain it and delight in it.

..Lets do it!

New Glasgow Society: Supporting Glasgow to become a National Park City ties directly to the

aims of New Glasgow Society: promoting, encouraging and stimulating

public interest in the beauty, history and character of the city of

Glasgow, encouraging high standards of architecture and town planning,

and encouraging the preservation, development and improvement of

features of general public amenity or historic interest.

To see all our supporters or find out how to join them - go to our supporters page.

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