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Welcome to Carfree Glasgow

Updated: May 1, 2020

We live in unprecedented times - words I've read thousands of times in current weeks, and now find myself using. Unprecedented challenges, sadness, uncertainty and change.

Amidst these many changes it's been noticeable how access to greenspace and daily exercise have come to the fore as so crucial to so many people's health and wellbeing.

With that has come discussion on how we can adapt our city to be more accessible for walkers and cyclists, how we can make it possible to be out and about whilst maintaining our social distancing - and as a result many reflections on how little space children playing, pedestrians and cyclists are afforded by comparison to cars.

It therefore seems a good time to welcome as our latest supporter of Glasgow National Park City Carfree Glasgow.

As Ellie Harrison from Carfree Glasgow put it herself: "Glasgow has one of the lowest levels of car ownership in Britain, yet we currently give more than 25 percent of our city space over to roads (compared to just 12 percent in Edinburgh). This needs to change. We must transform Glasgow so that our people are prioritised - with pedestrian-friendly spaces linking together all our beautiful parks. Carfree Glasgow was founded in 2016 to help us imagine a healthier and more sustainable future for our city, by closing our roads to traffic to celebrate World Carfree Day on 22 September every year. We hope to be part of the effort to make Glasgow into the National Park City we can all enjoy."

We are delighted to have them onboard as supporters of the National Park City and look forward to working with them and all our supporters just as soon as the lockdown is over.

In the meantime stay safe, enjoy your daily dose of nature and keep in touch.

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