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Who Is Growing Our Garden?

Hosted by New Glasgow Society, After The Garden Festival, and Glasgow Urban Lab the ‘Glasgow’s 1988 Festival: How Did The Garden Grow?’ exhibition celebrates the 35th anniversary of the Glasgow Garden Festival. It is running now:

3 - 18 June 2023, 12pm to 5pm. 1307 Argyle Street, G3 8TL Glasgow

As part of the event we're delighted to be part of : From 1988 to 2023: Who is Growing Our Garden? (book here)

15th June 2023, 6.30pm, NGS Community Space

Thirty five years ago, Glasgow staged the city-changing event that was the 1988 Glasgow Garden Festival. The festival is the most popular out of all five festivals that took place in the UK, and successfully transformed the way Glasgow is seen, and how it sees itself. The city's collective memories were created.

Fast forward to 2023. While the fond memories live on, what is the legacy the festival has left to the city? In face of contemporary issues such as climate emergency and food poverty, who is making Glasgow a climate resilient place to live?

The ‘From 1988 to 2023: Who is Growing Our Garden?’ talk gathers community and research groups to share their visions and missions in making Glasgow greener, wilder and healthier. Many groups are working to bring nature back to the city. It is important not only to reconnect people and nature, meaningful changes to how nature is appreciated can tackle inequality in all aspects, such as health, social, economical and environmental issues. Nature can empower the people of Glasgow with a fun and welcoming space for all.

Come along to hear about the National Park City and other's working to make Glasgow greener, healthier and wilder. Tickets are free and it'd be great to see you there: Book tickets now

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