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The Hidden Gardens

A huge, warm National Park City welcome to our latest supporter the Hidden Gardens, an independent charity which exists to provide a safe space of sanctuary, learning and participation.

We're delighted they will providing that very safe space for our upcoming National Park City event as well! [SAVE THE DATE: 2nd Sept]. And a beautiful place it is: a beautiful public oasis located in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow which provides a fantastic urban greenspace where you can relax away from the busy city streets, discover nature, get creative and connect with friends and neighbours.

The Hidden Gardens is an established inspiring greenspace and haven for wildlife and nature in the south side, open to all. It is also a community-led resource where local people, communities and families gather to learn, participate, celebrate, and become inspired to care for nature. They support people to make friendships, improve their health and wellbeing through nature, art, volunteering and creativity.

As a greenspace they are open to the public, for free, on 6 days per week (check website for details). THG is an independent charity, totally dependent on donations and grants to offer a range of free activities for all ages, ability, ethnicity including, outdoor exercise, health and wellbeing groups; cultural cookery; gardening groups, volunteering opportunities, community events and festivals space.

Amanda Patterson, CEO of The Hidden Garden said: "We share the vision of Glasgow National Park City. Providing opportunities for people to rebuild their connection with nature improves their health and wellbeing and has the potential to ignite their curiosity about how to support it in return."

Join The Hidden Gardens and many others by signing up as a supporter organisation - or signing our charter.

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